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The gold standard in university admissions for engineering programs

The Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam for Engineering is the first-of-its-kind, standardised, psychometrically managed entrance test allowing evaluation and selection of candidates seeking to pursue an engineering degree. By measuring both aptitude and knowledge of key engineering subjects, the exam facilitates the selection of candidates with the best mix of criteria for universities throughout India.

Offering convenience for candidates and for universities, a world-class selection criterion for admission to engineering programs, the exam elevates the candidate admissions process, taking it to a new level of automated, psychometrically evaluated exam scores.


Fast facts about the engineering test

  • Computer-based exam
  • Covers verbal, quantitative, and abstract reasoning, plus physics and mathematics
  • Registrations are open. Click here to start the application process.
  • Duration: 180 minutes
  • Fee: INR. 1950 (USD $26.45)

Registering for the exam

How to get started
Start your Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam for Engineering experience by registering here. Once you’ve submitted your registration, you'll receive a unique number, which you’ll need for your applications. During the registration process, you can list up to five colleges to automatically receive your exam scores. Questions? Contact us at PearsonUGsupport@Pearson.com.